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Welcome to Friends of Gettysburg Rewards!

This is a member-benefit site brought to you by the Gettysburg Foundation to give you deals, discounts and coupons at a variety of national and local merchants as a "thank-you" for your annual membership.

Q:   Is there an extra cost for this program?
A:   No.  It's a part of your Friends of Gettysburg membership.

Q:   Do I have to “login,” create a password or open some new “online account” to use these offers?
A:   Yes.  These offers are available to members only.

Q:   Can I give a coupon or promo code to a relative or friend?
A:   Unfortunately, these special local offers and national deals are reserved for the Friends of Gettysburg.  However, we encourage you to consider a gift membership for a friend, family or loved one.

Q:   The name says, “rewards.”  Do I get points or cash-back?
A:   No.  The “rewards” in this program are the deals, discounts and coupons from national and local merchant partners.  It’s an easy-to-use member benefit site that is meant to help you save money whether you're doing some online shopping from your home, wherever that may be, or planning your next trip to Gettysburg and looking to save money locally. 

Q:   I tried using a coupon code on the site and it didn’t work/there is a broken link that isn't working.
A:   If you encounter a broken link or coupon code that does not work, please notify us below.

Q:   I own a national, regional or local business.  How do I add my offer to this program to support the Friends of Gettysburg?
A:   We’d love to add your business to the Friends of Gettysburg Rewards program. Click below and our third party partner managing this program will be in contact with you.

Q:   How do I recommend a local or national merchant partner for this program?
A:   Send us your suggestion and we'll contact the merchant.

Friends of Gettysburg

The Gettysburg Foundation has partnered with a third party vendor to maintain this site.  Please see the Disclaimer and Terms of Service page for terms and policies governing use of the Friends of Gettysburg Rewards site. 
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